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No specific info about version 4.0. Please visit the main page of PHOTOfunSTUDIO on Software Informer.

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    Guest 2 months ago

    Does anyone know if it is possible to develop a slide show that allows the user to manually click to the next slide rather than use the auto timer? If I can figure this out, I will consider this program a roaring success!

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    sheila 3 years ago
    — Properties box cuts off information
    Pros: has potential to give location of pictures
    Cons: information is cut off and can’t be read

    I received the Panasonic DMC-ZS7 with gps for christmas. Installed PhotofunStudio5.1HD and downloaded my pictures expecting to see Lat and Long in the Properties box. Unfortunately the box cuts off lines of information. It’s not a matter of making the box bigger – the Place-naming information stops after the 5th line on Latitude. I only get half the location. The main information box cuts off after Individual name with only half the next line showing. Anyone know how to fix?

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    ojacklin 3 years ago
    — PhotoFunStudio 5.0
    Pros: Cool program
    Cons: Lacking some important features

    I am totally aware it's Freeware - but we paid for the camera. PhotoFunStudio 5.0 would be great if the 'destination' and 'title' blocks in 'Burn-in Settings' could be edited. Also, the index and information contained in the manual are lacking. The manual was obviously written by someone very familiar with the software but the instructions/references are not very useful to first time users. I'd be happy to assist in a re-write - pro-bono!

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